Rainbow Blanket

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2014-12-21 12.41.13 (1)

Here it is my Rainbow blanket i have been knitting for my local RSPCA shelter!

I love it and i want a massive one just for me and so does my husband!

This would be big enough for a cat or a small dog and i think it would look so lovely and be so cosy for them while they wait for their forever home!

As always i would not be able to do this without amazing people helping me and i do get emails asking how you can help. I have a Charity Knit Wishlist here I have this just to make it safer and easier for anyone that would like to help and it is also a lovely way to not have to give my address out :)

Thank you all and Happy Christmas

Charity Knitting- RSPCA cat blanket


I can start knitting again for the animal shelters now that the Christmas rush is over!
So here is my first one it took me a few days while i started re-watching The Walking Dead from season 1 :)

It is so risky to knit with my seizures put fingers crossed and touch wood i did not lose any stitches when i had seizures my wonderful husband is always on hand to save it all :)

Many people always ask so if you would like to help in anyway i have a wishlist set up for my charity knitting


A massive thank you again to everyone that has helped me be able to continue making items for the fur babies looking for their forever homes

Crochet Giant Granny Square Blanket

2014-12-02 19.50.41

I have not posted for a long long time and this was mainly the reason why, along with seizures and not feeling well.

This is the giant crochet blanket i made fore my brother’s birthday and Christmas gift combined, it took me around 2 months to complete!

He loved it but i am slightly concerned that he may get crushed under the shear weight of it!

For this is used Hayfield bonus chunky! In all honesty i have never never never had so many problems with a yarn.
Now i know it is a value yarn and yes not all people that crochet or knit can not afford to buy the more expensive yarns, but i do not feel this should be a reason that quality of a product should be bad.

Both colours had multiply joining knots in them and by multiple i mean some having 10 joins in them, now crochet is pretty fast going so by the time i got to the third ball an each had the problem i decided to contact the company i purchased them from.

The response i received was that it was normal for them to have joining knots and due to the fact i had used 3 of each they could not issue a refund or exchange, they sent me one of each colour to help me out.

Then the light grey mix was beyond annoying half a ball of the light grey was fluffed up, so could not be used at all and the other ball i was cutting out 10 metre sections of light grey.

I contacted the supplier, who advised due to it being a chunk brand that in fact they would have joins more frequently and so to expect it and well they never commented on the issue of the problem with the grey yarn.

To help finish my blanket they proceeded to send me a colour of each to aid with the problems.

I have used other brands of yarn, that were chunky brands and have never, ever had this problem and unfortunately i shall be staying away fro Hayfield bonus chunky.

Luckily i was able to “hide” the knot joins so they were not visible, but when you know they are there you know!!

Giveaway – Over at Tumblr


I am Hosting a Give-away over on Tumblr, so if you have a tumblr account please come on over and see what has been happening! My Tumblr is hereĀ 

As my campaign for a new wheelchair and other mobility aids needed is nearly half way! I have decided to host a give away


1. E- Reader/Tablet case (E-reader NOT included), Minnie and Mickey decoration and a christmas cross stitch kit

2. Reindeer Mug cosy, Minnie and Mickey decoration and a Christmas cross stitch kit

3. Reindeer Mug cosy, Minnie and Mickey decoration and a Christmas cross stitch kit

4. Penguin, Christmas Pudding, Gingerbread Man, Minnie and Mickey decoration and 2 Christmas cross stitch kit


Must be following me or newwheelchair.tumblr.com
must be comfortable sharing your address
Only reblogs count as an entry, Likes will not
Will ship internationally
Must have your ask box open for me to be able to contact you
Winners will be given 48 hours to respond, due to last Christmas shipping dates
Random.org will be used to pick the winners

Each winner will need to respond with their 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference of what they would like from the above prizes ( you all get a mickey & Minnie decoration & Christmas cross stich kit)

1st place : Will get their first choice

2nd place: If your first choice has been taken, you will get the next preferred available

3rd place: If your first choice has been taken, you will get the next preferred available

4th place: You will the prize that has not been claimed :)

Closes Tuesday 25th November 2014 10am GMT

My ask box is always open for any questions you may have

Good Luck!! If you decide that you would like to donate then thank you so much, this will make a tremendous difference to my life and thank you all for your continued support

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me: loobylousims@outlook.com