Fabulous Yarn Donation – Thank you Mollie and Claire


The other day i made a post entitled What a Difference a Chair would make this is with regards to me trying to raise funds to get an electric wheelchair to gain independence back and to be comfortable!

Well the amazing Mollie and Claire responded straight away and was absolutely amazing and made a donation and re-blogged my post.

Then today this fabulous Yarn parcel arrived to aid me to keep continuing to make my catnip fish that i donate to my local Animal shelters. Sneakily taken from my Amazon Wishlist 

Thank you so so much Claire, this means so much to me and your generosity and kindness is truly amazing. The donation not only helps the animals but also helps me. Knitting and Crochet has kept the muscles in my arms as strong as they can be from the trauma of the seizures and helped to stop muscle atrophy set in, i still have shaky arms from my muscles not being as strong as they used to be. This is great therapy for me and i thank you so much.

I love your work and your blog and i hope to one day be making crochet items that are amazing like your creations.

In what has been a really tough week for me this has most certainly brightened up my day

<3 Hayley

What a difference a chair would make


What Difference a chair would make.

Hi all, i am not the best of writers but i wanted to let you know a little bit more about how the campaign and money raising, would help and change my life.

So in the picture is a picture of the type of chair i would like once the funds have been raised, this chair will be able to be used in my home and also out and about. This chair is also perfect as everything is also customisable so will be built specifically to my needs. This will be measured to my perfect fit and with customisation it also means if i am having a really bad with weakness in my arms then i can have dual controls so my husband will be able to use the gear stick to make the chair move too.

With this chair it would open up so many possibilities to me, things i took for granted before i became disabled.

The main thing would be that i would not have bruises all over my legs from the chair, currently now when i go out in my chair i have even a 10 minute outing leaves the sides of my thighs covered in black and blue bruises.

I would be able to do longer outings such as go to look at shops in the town centre, go on day trips when invited by my parents something i currently have to say no too. I love visiting stately homes, going to places such as Matlock and Bakewell, day trips to the sea side. I would even be able to go out to the local park to feed the squirrels and ducks, be able to take a trip to the library.

The independence it would bring would allow me to be involved with things again, without having to have people being worried to rush if i am in pain, or leaving early because things are too painful for me.

All the little things gathered mean so much to me and would make such a huge impact on my life.

I want to thank everyone that has made a creation for the campaign, has re-blogged it, has made a donation, who has contacted me and you are all amazing and i am making some amazing friends along the way too

Thank you

<3 Hayley

If you would like to help by either sharing the campaign on facebook, or know someone who may want to make a donation please checknewwheelchairforhayley

RSPCA blanket and catnip fish toy drop off

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Last Monday I dropped of  6 large crochet blankets and a pile of Catnip Fish to my local RSPCA :)

The day was extremely cold, wet and windy hence the face I am pulling.

While there I was actually in tears as there were so many cats there and hardly any of them have toys at all and it really gave me a huge boost to make more and more catnip toys and since then I have made a further 20.

I can not donate money, or food but I feel donating the toys and my time and love to make them would make a tiny difference for the animals while they wait for their forever home :)

New wheelchair for Hayley via Go Fund me


Wow my go fund me is at this total after 14 days! I have the Simming community to thank for this and one dear friend of mine who has just gone above and beyond to help me.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped me to get this far, I have a long way to go still but this is so exciting for me.

I would love people to help if they can sharing this wherever possible and if people would like to donate I am so grateful for any help

my go fund me page can be found here http://www.gofundme.com/wheelchair4hayley

and I also have a dedicated PayPal account for the campaign, where offline donations can be made and added to the running total hayley.gofundme@outlook.com.

Thank you so much Hayley

Help Kind LoubyLou1985 (Hayley Adcock) Get An Electric Wheelchair And More Of Her Life Back


I am completely overwhelmed by all the help I am receiving from the simming community
Thank you so much for the Amazing help and making such a Awesome Article.
Hayley <3

Originally posted on :

Many thanks to Spookyscones at Tea For Sims for highlighting this.

help loubyloo get her electric wheelchair 1

Some of you may know the Simmer LoubyLou1985 from the EA forum, where she has a number of Simmies, patterns and Lots available for download.

help loubyloo get her electric wheelchair

Amongst LoubyLou’s other activities, she knits for Cats Protection (the Cats Protection League) and the RSPCA – making quilts and catnip bags for our nation’s little purr monsters.

Which undergo the most rigourous testing and quality control.

help loubyloo get her electric wheelchair 2

That she is a primary pusher of the Holy Sacrament of Catnip means her place in paradise at the right hand of Bastet-Pasht is guaranteed for all eternity (Blessed Be Bastet, Blessed Be Her Holy Purr) – but on this plain matters are more difficult.

She’s been wheelchair bound the last three years thanks to her Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) getting worse to the extent her leg muscles have wasted – a mere two years prior…

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