Sims 4 fun

Today I loaded up the game and well disaster the toilet had broken and well there was water spraying all over, just a mere 5 minutes before Annabella had to start work.

Off she went and I honestly thought in the 9 hours she was away the house would flood and I would not be able to anything about it! No fear though all was okay and Annabella set straight to fixing the toilet, I thought I would miss the old faithful hammer, I did not though it is much nicer now fixing things with a wrench!

09-06-14_1-54 PM-2

So as she is fixing the toilet and her handiness is increasing I am notified that she has received an upgrade item, now I assume some items in the household will need these at some point, so I am looking forward to finding out what can be done with these.

09-06-14_1-57 PM

Once Anabella finished her repair a little trash pile evolves and you can rummage through it for anything useful, yes she is also kneeling in dirty toilet water, I do feel bad for her but I was too curious to see what was in the dirt pile.

Never fear though she got out her new mop and what a mop it is lol

09-06-14_2-02 PM

Anabella decided to then show how unhappy she was with having to do housework and kneeling in dirty water by pulling this face, also what you can not see from the picture is that her bottom lip actually is quivering as though she wants to burst into tears

09-06-14_2-03 PM

After a good nights sleep I decided it was time for her to see her boyfriend. OMG what is this her boyfriend is not in her contacts, panic mode, panic mode. I was about to call my husband over to make sure I was just not being silly.

Hang on, what is that a knock on the door! Jay must of been thinking the same thing he is at the door, panic averted

09-06-14_2-08 PM

09-06-14_2-09 PM

After a little Kiss and tickle on the sofa which looks really cute Annabelle asked Jay to move in he accepted, when he moved in he bought 20,000 to the household something I was expecting at all.

All has been going well until Jay asked Annabella to try for a baby as to which he got this response

09-06-14_3-00 PM

Fingers crossed the next attempt goes well, as I have not really seen any children around in my game and I can not wait to see what they can do

Sims 4 – Arrived today a quick first look

Sims 4 Limited Edition arrived today for me! I went straight into game and made myself a sim to start playing.

The first thing I noticed is how fast everything loads, literally seconds and you are straight in, now obviously there are no expansions or store content yet, still this is really fast.

So the first thing I did was change all the settings of the game to make sure my graphics were on Ultra as it seems to preset to medium. To access settings you need to click on the 3 little dots on the top right of the screen and everything is accesed there.

So here is my first Sim Annabella Snow, I had a lot of fun pulling and squeezing her to get her how I wanted and was really impressed with how easy it was to switch between categories and get you sim looking how you want them too for each style choice. All your choices for each style stay and do not revert to another style used so that was a great plus.

Also the clothes for Young Adults are so modern and what people are wearing today so I find that a really nice touch and the clothes and accessories fit your Sim properly.


sims42 sims44 sims45 sims46 sims47

Once you have created your family you get the option to save them, or share them to the gallery.

If you would like to see my uploads my username is loobylou1985

Then once you start you get the option to move into a lot my single sim started with 20,000

I recommend reading the tips and hints and taking a chance to navigate the screen, I think the key to enjoying your new game is to not rush thinking it will be the same as sims 3 as the controls are not.

I have been playing for about 2 hours and am getting used to it all.

I love the new cooking feature where a little cookbook pops up and you get the option for a single serving, family serving, or party serving and each has a different price.


So far I love all the new animations my sims seem brought to life and they pull some great expressions!!


My sims doing a little fishing, whilst there she dug up a metal and met a new friend. I have so much more to explore and will hopefully will be back with more :D


Granny Blanket for my mum’s other cat

WP_20140621_001So I made the little granny square blanket to practice crochet and made the little blanket for my mum’ new cat.

Well while I was at my parents house the cats started fighting over the blanket and well I am sure it was a guilt trip, I had to make another blanket.

This one is larger and Spencer is a bit bigger and well he likes to lounge and turn around of things a lot.

Well again I can safely say if was a success story :)


Flower Crochet Coasters

Here are my next Crochet items that I have been making, I have been making these for family members and friends then I decided to keep making more, with even more than one person telling me I should sell them! Woah what a compliment!

I am loving making handmade items for the home, it is just so nice to see your items everyday knowing that you have put so much care and love into making them

2014-06-16 19.20.47

My First Crochet Granny Square

Well all I never thought I would get to this day at all, never mind understand a tiny little bit of crochet! I am still not really sure I understand what I am doing but I managed it!

I do not really know what happened, I have been having an extremely bad time with some very bad seizures and well I have not been able to play Sims as it really hurts my eyes at the moment. I picked up my crochet book – how to crochet.

If I am honest there is only one thing that is really appealing to me at the moment and that is how to make Granny Squares as I want a blanket like Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory, I do not even want one exactly the same pattern just the colour in the middle and the black edging
granny squares on the big bang theory[1]

So here is my first square, I just practised with some DK yarn Scraps I had and well its not perfect but I am really impressed with myself seeing as I just jumped straight to the back of the book, did not look up anything and just went for it! I think it took me around 3 hours but with a shaky hand and a brain like jelly I expect nothing else!

2014-06-01 18.29.16

I plan to keep on practising as when I do eventually get round to making the blanket I plan on making it in Aran and being a lot better at making squares

The Fat Cat Washcloth

I have made another washcloth design and I am doing these all for my mum she saw some I was doing for a friend. She did like the designs that I had picked off Ravelry, however I saw this as an opportunity to try something new and design some washcloths myself of things that I know my mum likes.

So here is the fat cat washcloth, I chose to do this as my mum has a big Ginger cat, and well don’t most cats look fat when they sit like this?
Also I am think this will look great on the blankets I am knitting for RSPCA and The Cat’s Protection

2014-05-28 14.26.55

The Fat Cat Washcloth

3.75mm Needles

Red Heart Miami used

Measures  8″ by 8″


Cast on 49

Rows 1-4 : (k1,p1) to last stitch k

Row 5: And all odd rows through to row 63  (k1,p1)x2 K43 (p1,k1)x2

Row 6: k,p,k  p43  k,p,k
Row 8: k,p,k p43 k,p,k
Row 10: k,p,k p18, k5, p20 k,p,k
Row 12: k,p,k p21, k4, p18 k,p,k
Row 14: k,p,k p23, k2, p18 k,p,k

Row 16: k.p.k p23, k2, p18 k,p,k
Row 18: k,p,k p20, k5, p18 k,p,k
Row 20: k,p,k p20, k2, p21 k,p,k
Row 22: k,p,k p20, k2, p21 k,p,k
Row 24: k,p,k p11, k20, p12 k,p,k

Row 26: k,p,k p9, k24, p10 k,p,k
Row 28: k,p,k p9, k26, p8 k,p,k
Row 30: k,p,k p9, k26, p8 k,p,k
Row 32: k,p,k p9, k26, p8 k,p,k
Row 34: k,p,k p9, k26, p8 k,p,k

Row 36: k,p,k p9, k26, p8 k,p,k
Row 38: k,p,k p11, k22, p10 k,p,k
Row 40: k,p,k p11, k22, p10 k,p,k
Row 42: k,p,k p13, k18, p12 k,p,k
Row 44: k,p,k p16, k12, p15 k,p,k

Row 46: k,p,k p14, k16, p13 k,p,k
Row 48: k,p,k p12, k20, p11 k,p,k
Row 50: k,p,k p12, k20, p11 k,p,k

Row 52: k,p,k p14, k5, p6, k5, p13 k,p,k
Row 54: k,p,k p14, k3, p10, k3, p13 k,p,k
Row 56: k,p,k p14, k2, p12, k2, p13 k,p,k

Row 58: k,p,k p43 k,p,k
Row 60: k,p,k p43 k,p,k
Row 62: k,p,k p43 k,p,k

Rows 64 – 67: (k1,p1) to last stitch K