Springtime Door Hanger

As you saw early on today I made the Fabric Mouse from the tutorial over at Creative Pixie.

This has inspired to me to make something else with the fabric and I came up with the idea of making a door hanger, this is for my Mum as I missed Mother’s Day due to a Chest Infection, which still has not gone!!

With it being springtime and nearly Easter I decided on Bunnies and then added some little butterflies as these are my mum’s favourite and I am so pleased with the result. Plus it only took me a couple of hours in the evening and that was also with and hour or so recovery time from a seizure too!

My Pin Cushion for Afternoon Tea With May also got used a lot tonight and it think it is feel a little worse for wear :)

So here is my creation and I know my mum will love this as she loves anything I make her.



My Fabric Mouse – Creative Pixies Fabric Mouse Turotial

So you may all remember Jean from Creative Pixie sent me some gorgeous fabric so that I could make one of the Fabric Mice from her Make it Monday tutorial

So here is my mouse


I love it and I can not even think about giving it to my cat, or even sticking pins in it!! I think I shall keep her and use her as a home decoration :)

Thank you so much Jean I had so much fun and you have inspired me to make more fabric items as it was so fun and easy to make! Thank you so much for the amazing swap :)

I also now feel like I am getting involved with my little part of the Great British Sewing bee :) I also was very happy with who won! How about you? Love the dress Heather made as her couture piece. I was devastated though that Lynda was not in the final!!

Dotcomgiftshop – pretty little owls

With being Ill i had started to knit my mum a Hello Kitty for Mother’s Day, then i missed Mother’s Day due to being ill and just had a fuzzy brain to even look at the pattern to try and complete it!

So i saw my mum yesterday and decided to make her something and i had a little kit from the dotcomgiftshop pretty owls

Here is my finished result :)


So the pack contains everything you need apart from a needle and glue to complete the 2 little owls.

Everything is pre cut for you and you just need to sew and glue things together.

You receive a lot of thread and a lot of stuffing which is really good for if anything should go wrong

Then everything else seem to not be the best

Firstly the insructions i feel could of been better as they were black and white and the pictures were hard to see, my immediate thought were that i should just stitch all the parts on. As in the instructions is shows to use a hot glue gun, i do not have one (dangerous and all that!) but i have hi-tack glue which has literally never let me down.

All i can say is that the material refused to stick to each other and in the end i did stitch items on an just wasting half an hour trying to get things to stick.

Then secondly the felt was very rigid and i did need to get help a few times to actually pull my needle through, so this may not be for a child to make if you were looking for a fun project.

Overall theough i think the design looks great and they will make great little gifts, i also think i may be able to adapt and make these myself with my own materials and they would make really cute lavendar bags.

Great little gift for a crafter who likes to make the odd items!

I think though i will stick with making my own things and not get a kit again, it was too frustrating for me

Thank you – Afternoon Tea With May

From when i first started blogging Sarah at Aternoon Tea With May has been there from the beginning commenting on my blog and being a great friend!

Well when Sarah liked one of my felt owls i posted (No i still can not beleive she liked it) we did a swap Sarah got a little owl and Sarah sent me one of her amazing Pin Cushions, which i now realised i forgot to post about. I really want to post a picture for you but my little pin cushion has now been that well loved the picture you see would not do it justice from when i first arrived all shiny and new.

Well after this we decided to do a Christmas swap, after a series of unfortunate events (THE ROYAL MAIL) ahem!!! My gift did not turn up. It amazes me how The Royal Mail can lose so many things it really does, it always seems to be my stuff too, i have visions of me being 90 and all these parcels and letters turning up that never arrived when they should of done.

I wanted to try and learn to crochet as you know and ordered a set of hooks that took no less than 3 months to arrive, after christmas all too late!!

Well anyway i digress!! Look what arrived in the post only the best thing ever!!

POM POM MAKERS *screams*


I got straight to making some last night and putting them on the little hats for the Innocent Big Knit 2014, but alas my mum took the pom poms as she loved them so much, but thats okay i get to make more pom poms its too much fun!!

Thank you so much Sarah

Please visit Sarah’s Facebook page Aternoon Tea With May Facebook 


Thank you – Creative Pixie

Today I received a parcel from Creative Pixie which included all this fabric, I was completely shocked and so grateful. All of the fabric is so colourful and vibrant.


Jean sent me the fabric after I commented on her post of how to make this adorable fabric mouse, it is my kind of thing!! Tutorial can be found here Fabric mouse pincushion tutorial. I can not make to wait one now I have all this gorgeous fabric!

Jean commented on my Rainbow Catnip Fish and so we swapped items I sent Jean 2 Knitted catnip mice for her 2 rescue cats, Jean has already posted pictures of her cats enjoying them. It makes me so happy!

As soon as I have made one I shall be posting the results here, so excited. The things that excites me the most is that I can hand sew them, this is a big thing for me seeing as I am unable to use a sewing machine. I watch The Great British Sewing Bee each week and I am envious I can not be a part of it but now thanks to Jean I can. These little things make such a big difference to me

Knitting with Love

Everything I knit I knit with love as I know that when I donate the items they are going to be used for such a good cause.
So here are the latest squares I have been knitting, I am planning to make these up into blankets for the animal shelters and then hopefully incorporate the heart design into the none square blankets for premature babies


I am sorry I do not have more to update as I have just been doing bits as and when I feel like it, I never want a chest infection again! After one dose of antibiotics that did not touch the infection I am on the next course.
Hopefully I can get some more done this week :)

Crochet a NO GO! Wheezy a go

So it seems like everytime I feel well and am on a go to get a bit of knitting done something happens.

Well last Friday I started having extremely bad and long seizures. Then this week it was revealed why I have a chest infection, lets just say I deal with the seizures better! Probably as because in the last 8 years I have now had in excess of 16,000 but it has been years since I have been ill. I thought I just had a bit of a cold but when I woke up Wednesday mornig and was growling when I was breathing my husbands face was a picture and he just said “your going to the doctors”
I went from sounding like Wheezy from Toy Story
To Darth Vader
To Muttley

So it thought I want to do something like this
Air Massflow sensor 008[1]

Knitting is nice and I love it but I could never get anything that looks like that.
I just do not understand Crochet it is like it does not want me to know how to do it, I even found a picture tutorial and it was all explained but I may as well be in Mandarin and I still do not get it.
Or I do not know if my brain is blocking me from wanting to learn it as I have it in my head that I will never crochet.