Starburst inspired Crochet Blanket (Work in progress)

I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and love Amy’s crochet blanket, however I am not a huge fan of the design of it more the colours with the black edging.

So browsing the internet I saw so many different designs of blankets and fell in love with the starburst design.

So I have been busy making the inner parts of the squares as I plan to do something I have never done as join-as-I-go, a scary though but not that scary compared to knitting as I am finding with crochet if you make a mistake so much easier to fix,as long as you notice as you are going of course.

So I have calculated to make one that will be the size of a double bed approx. 408 square will be needed. Sounds a lot I think it is probably too many and my maths is probably completely off!

So here are circle colour combinations I have been working on


So far I have 20 of each so 240 I plan on just doubling this amount and then get busy joining them all.

I also love the colours and have used Stylecraft Special DK, I can not wait to show you the end result

gofundme page, i would love your help please



This is me, as many of you know I am disabled and have a condition called NEAD (No epileptic attack Disorder) this has left me wheelchair bound and unfortunately the equipment I have is no longer any good for me.

I have set up a go fund me page to try and help to get much needed equipment that will make my life easier and hopefully help with the constant pain I am in

I am not asking for donations from yourselves ( or though if you would like too I would be extremely grateful )

I would love it if you could share my site either by facebook or twitter to help with my hopes of being able to raise some money to help get much needed equipment

Blankets made for RSPCA

I have been also been busy making blankets for the RSPCA and the ones I am making are more than big enough for cats and will also be good for up to medium size dogs.

All have been made using the Yarn donated and I have a few more balls to go so there should a few more blankets to be made.

I have also been busy making the Knitted Catnip toys, I have a lot waiting to be assembled and just need more catnip before I am able to do this as I made about 40 toys before my bag of catnip ran out.

I have also been having people email me asking for my address so they can send me yarn, I am so grateful that people want to donate so I am able to do something that I love and enjoy. I am however not too comfortable giving out my address so if you would like to help and want to donate I have set up a Amazon wish list which after a few suggestions I have included Amazon email gift certificates as with this there is an option for £1 gift vouchers. Amazon wishlist here

Thank you to all who have donated and I am loving making all of the items that I know many animals are going to be able to enjoy.

It also makes it extra special as recently a lady who had adopted a cat from Cats Protection let me know her cat still has his toy and its great that they have a little something to take to their forever home with them

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Chunky granny style blanket

This is a Christmas present for my mum, I am so happy with it and was shocked at how fast it was to make.

I got the Yarn in July and everyone around me was telling me I needed to get started so I was not 2 days before Christmas in a panic that I had not finished my gift.

Now the only problem I have is that it needs to be stored until Christmas and this is no easy feat as once folded it is pretty big :)

it is lovely and soft and ever so heavy and will look great in my mum’s house as she her colour scheme, of you guessed it reds and creams.

I am even more impressed at the speed it crocheted up as it fits the whole size of the double bed, also please forgive the lighting as it is quite dark here today and our window to let light in is rather small :)

2014-09-23 15.23.10

Feather and Fan lace blanket

It has been a while since I have posted, well more than a while. I have been working on a few things but with seizures and things getting in the way it has been hard to keep on top of things.

I got my husband to take photo’s for me today of all the lovely things I have been making.

Here is the first a birthday gift for my Nana and Grandad.

This is my first attempt at simple lace work and I love the blanket, however it was not so fun counting and especially not so fun if I had a seizure and had no clue at all where I had got to. So in the end it took me about 5 months to make this.

I used the Cygnet Chunky in Kiwi and it took 10 balls to make

2014-09-23 15.29.15 2014-09-23 15.30.23