Cat heaven

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Today I had the pleasure of hand delivering 80 of my mice to make some very happy kitties!
This I think would be every cats dream or idea of heaven. They could just run and jump into them and have lots of fun.

It makes me so happy to know that doing this will also benefit a rescue centre, especially independent centres that so desperately need help as kittens are being cared for and going into these centres thick and fast this year!

Please visit us on Facebook :)

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Christmas Boxes for Rescue animals


Just a little of what I have been up too :)

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Hi all!

I wanted to share with you all the items that i have managed to collect so far that i will be donating in my boxes at Christmas to 2 Local Independent rescue centres!

As you can see i have quite a good amount forming so far! 

This includes cat toys, dog toys, cat treats, dog treats,cat food, bowls, cat tunnels and blankets!

I also have 7 blankets made and my catnip toys!

My Boxes for this Christmas will be going to Lina’s Cat Rescue and Jerry green dog rescue  I will also be looking to sponsor some animals waiting for their forever homes at Christmas at other independent rescue centres

You can if you wish also visit my facebook page and if you like you can order toys and if you do not have a charity in mind, you can request the profits go towards Christmas Boxes!


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£530 off my target needed :)


Hi all,
I am coming to from my pillow fort!
This is my everyday life :)
As many of you may remember I set up a go fund me 8 months ago to raise funds for much needed custom medical equipment.
This includes a wheelchair, foot braces, pressure relief pillows and items to make my everyday life more comfortable.

Well the news is I am £530 from my target and well I am so excited and can not wait to get there.

Please help spread the word if you can as I am just so excited to think I could be able to go out and enjoy myself

Thank you

Christmas boxes for rescue Animals


Please signal boost if you can x

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Christmas Boxes For Rescue Animals

Ever day, week and year animals like the ones pictured above are being abandoned, or handed over to rescue centres all across the UK!

Lucy (cat) – was left behind when her owners moved away and was just let to fend for herself just wondering around the streets and the vets gave her an age of 15

Freddie (puppy) – was just handed over to a rescue centre and now is left waiting again to try and find another forever home

Cannellini and Butterbean – were handed over to the rescue centre and they then thought they had found their forever home and now they have been let down and now waiting again to be re-homed

A group of us have set up this page to help make a difference in their life’s over the Christmas period. 

The last figures issued currently suggests that 3…

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It has been a while!



It has been so long since I have posted anything at all and I feel really bad about it.
However between seizures that have been awful, some over 10 minutes long and making items for rescue centres I have not been doing much at all.

So I thought I would share my neat ripple blanket process :)
This has been on my hook since probably February and it got put to one side and forgotten about, it is a gift however so it needs to be finished :)

I am currently on row 31 and have over 50 to go, it is so enjoyable to do though and it is so nice to work on something so colourful!

I have not used the pre pack colours designed for the ripple blankets, instead as it was asked it be bright and colourful I have just opted for the £27 attic 24 pack and gone from there :)

Catnip toy giveaway

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Over at out facebook page we are holding a give away!

We want to raise awareness for our page and what we are all about and so we are doing a giveaway for 10 toys that will be donated to a animal rescue centre of the winners choosing!

Come visit us on Facebook to see how you can win!!


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