Innocent Big Knit 2014


Say hello to my little friends!! These are some new hats I have knitted up for the Innocent Big Knit 2014. Now I know it is 11 months away until the deadline date for us to send them in, however I could not resist starting early!!

So my little spider, ghost and monster will be proudly sitting on the shelves this time next year.

So I am off to find more inspiration to knit up some extra friends for these guys!

Have fun knitting ladies and Gentlemen if you have also started

6 thoughts on “Innocent Big Knit 2014

  1. I’ve got a little stash already for next year….I love making them, and it’s a great cause. I also knit hats etc for the shoeboxes. A great way to use up all the spare wool.

    • I love knitting them they are a nice quick thing to do :) I am not doing any at the moment though focusing on making up all my mice for cats protection :) Then I will focus on the premature baby knits, I may throw in a few of these hats somewhere along the line :)

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