Premature Baby Knits – A Start

Well I have not posted for a while! I have been poorly with a Cold, the type that just sticks to you chest and you feel like you can hardly breath! Well in turn with this it made my seizures increase and I have hardly had time to do as much knitting as I would like. As with every seizure I have you are looking at least 45 minutes recovery time for each one.

Then I decided to continue knitting the blanket I had started and low and behold I had a seizure and I was using bamboo needles, my husband has described me of having the strength of The Hulk when having a seizure so as you can guess I snapped the needle in the middle of the knitting ( I am just glad I do not turn green in the process lol!!) So when I was awake and alert my husband asks me “were you knitting the border on your blanket?” Straight away I knew something had happened and burst into tears as it was hours of knitting and I just felt devastated! I honestly thought I was going to have to undo it all and start again, however we managed to rescue it my husband keeping me calm the whole time, we rescued the blanket and it only took about half an hour of slow and precise changing of the needle!

So the next day he went out and bought me a pair of metal knitting needles. I have to say I love them! When I first starting knitting everyone was telling me get bamboo needles, they are really good to knit with! Well I am sorry Bamboo needles you are no more in my knitting! I now have found they were slow and annoying to knit with and I have a new love for metal knitting needles. Well if they were good enough for both my nana’s they are good enough for me!!

So here is what I have managed to knit so far, a little cream blanket this has a garter stitch border and a stocking stitch centre and I have also knitted 4 beanie baby hats! If I am totally honest I was so shocked by the size of them they are so tiny, not having had a baby and not really being around a new born I did just not realise how small babies could be, so this just enforced to me just how much babies will need these items, so here they are


I have also had a few people asking me if they can help by sending me some yarn so I can continue doing my Charity Knits, I have been so grateful of people offering and I had to decline as I do not want to give my address out however, I thought if people do want to help then I have set up a wishlist on Amazon just for my charity knits

If you do wish to help out then I thought this would be the safest way for both parties involved, also please if you do decide you want to help please let me know if you have a specific charity that I am knitting for that you would like the yarn to be used for and then I can let the charity know that the yarn has been donated by yourself

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